Love is sweet, when I was teenager at school, my mom

gave me 10 pounds as money for my school so that 

I could buy for myself what I wanted to eat.

But I was dating a girl in my school✌ Every morrning

I bought her food when I went to school, I bought her

sandwich with salad and eggs and water with 8 pounds,

I left just 2 pounds for me, I just wanted to impress her

and show her how much I loved her❤

Can you believe it, I never snatched a kiss😘 from that girl😀

I stopped eating food when she broked up with me,

I skipped school for days just to stay at home because 

I felt sad, I went to her house and begged her to come

back to me, I cried all night while I was supposed to be sleeping.





  1. love sweet and grow time by time...

    have a wonderful day

  2. Ahhh what a shame. Young love :-)

  3. Uma história adorável! E as memórias do primeiro amor, permanecem para sempre!...
    Esse amor não deu certo... mas conduziu-o a outros amores ao longo da vida!... Às vezes há males que vêm por bem...
    Um grande abraço!


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